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בגד ים משובץ FLORA ורוד

632 ₪

בגד ים משובץ FLORA ורוד

מק"ט: 203901
632 ₪
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Goddess of flowers and spring. With an unusual princess line stitch, Flora has the medieval touch reminding us of an elegant corset, yet it is stretchy and comfortable. The ultimate shapewear for the beach Adjustable straps | 85% Nylon 15% Spandex | Hand wash in cool water | Do not bleach | Do not tumble dry | Hang dry | Do not iron
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.Hadas is a passionate fashion designer. Besides living and breathing her craft, she is also a former tennis player, wave surfer and university graduate

.Her love for the sea, sportiveness, intellect and sense of freedom are all embedded in the essence of each of her designs

.Hadas believes that every woman should be able to feel like a princess at any given moment and strives to reinforce that philosophy in her work